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The Surf Life Saving Association of Great Britain (SLSA OF GB)Beach Life Guard Awards Wales


Outer Reef is a Approved Training Centre For The SLSA

Surf Life Saving originated in Australia in the early 1900s, when the growth of seaside towns and interest in swimming led to a number of drownings. Patrols were formed by local residents, living close by beaches with strong currents, alerting people to the dangers of the surf.

The Surf Life Saving Association of Great Britain (SLSGB) was formed in 1955. Volunteer clubs patrolled beaches at Bude and St Agnes in Cornwall and Brighton & WAles, their aim to protect, rescue and resuscitate bathers.

There are now 60+ Surf Life Saving Clubs affiliated to the Association, with thousands of members aged from 7 – 70 years though out the UK & Wales.

During the last 50 years well over 20,000 rescues have been made on our beaches by lifeguards, most of whom have come from the volunteer ranks of the Surf Life Saving Clubs where they learn their patrolling and rescue skills.


“Vigilance and Service”

Mission Statement

“To provide a safe and enjoyable environment on our beaches In Wales & the Uk”


to save lives
to promote, improve and control the work of life saving, resuscitation and first aid on all beaches in Wales & though out Great Britain
to provide facilities for young people to participate in organised life saving as a voluntary, vital public service and in beach and water sports for enjoyment and recreation and also to encourage the high standards of team work and responsibility in both activities
to promote and improve national and international standards of water safety
to develop and improve beach life saving methods and equipment
to establish and monitor nationally and internationally recognised qualifications in beach life saving, resuscitation and first aid
to co-operate with all organisations with similar aims

Surf Life Saving Great Britain

A charitable company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital

Registered in England

Registered Office: 1st Floor, 19 Southernhay West, Exeter, EX1 1PJ

Charity Number 1015668

Company Number 2678080

Memorandum of Association

Articles of Association

SLSA OF GB has established rules & policies by which it conducts its business.

SLSGB Rules (2008)

Code of Conduct

Child Protection Policy & Procedures (2008)

Equal Opportunities Policy (2001)

Anti-Doping Policy

Fair Play Code

International Representation

The International Life Saving Federation (ILS) was created out of a merger of the two leading bodies on international water safety, FIS and WLS, in Cardiff in 1994.

As a founding member of ILS, SLSGB is one of 6 representatives for Europe on the ILS Board of Directors, a seat held since ILS began in 1994. In addition, it holds important positions in both the Sport and Life Saving Commissions in ILS.

As a member of the European branch of ILS, SLSGB also holds a position on the ILSE Board of Directors, and the ILSE Sport, Rescue, and Education Commissions.

International Sport

SLSGB combines with RLSS UK to select and send national teams to participate in European and World Championships at Senior and Junior level.