Friday, 22 April 2016

Pembrokeshire Surfing & Sup tours

Want to become an International ISA Certified Surf & SUP Instructor? 

Welcome to Outer Reef, Pembrokeshires Surf & SUP Tours – the pioneer of SUP touring around the Pembrokeshire coast.

We believe that the Pembrokeshire is one of the top places in wales to explore with a Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) and a lot of places to explore, but we narrowed down the choices to the TOP 4 for SUP.   Each destination takes you on different kind of adventure and sights. Going with our tours gives a great opportunity to discover hidden paradises, wild animals, local cultures that are incomparable when you travel by roads. We offer a range of different packages with & with out accommodate. The Outer Reef Pembrokeshire Sup tour guarantees a fuss-free SUP holiday.  Our surf & Sup adventures are suited for locals & travelers of all ages that are looking to do something extraordinary.  

All of our tours are inclusive of paddling lessons from our ISA accredited SUP Instructor and led by tour guides from the local community. SUP is an easy sport to learn, improves your balance and coordination, and contrary to how others view it, it is a very relaxing activity to do.

Let us take you for an experience you will never forget and see Pembrokeshire from a different perspective.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Womens Surf & Sup Pembrokeshire adventure weekends

Come & join us for an unforgettable weekend, with 2 night accommodation x3 surf coaching sessions & a Pembrokeshire Sup Tours! all equipment provided!

Friday, 1 April 2016

Pembrokeshire Groms Training Program

We are going to be starting a Coaching & Groms fitness scheme for anyone under the age of 21 who loves to surf and recognises the need to improve their fitness and Waterman ship skills, and would like to take their surfing up a few notches & reach that next level in his/hers surfing ability’s.

Check out the Advanced surf coaching page:

Outer Reef Training Centre is designed specifically for surfers to get fit and improve their surfing. 


Are you looking to step up your performance?

Do you want to catch more waves?

Do you want to surf better in bigger waves?

Would you like to make more speed & send more spray?

These training sessions are intended for the intermediate to advanced surfers who want a hands-on and individual focused approach. It’s all about catching more waves, surfing better with confidence in bigger waves, making more speed, and getting a bigger spray.  

Every surfer can benefit from these sessions.

Our Head Coach Dean Gough has been a surf trainer for over 20 years. He specialises in designing programs for people of all levels and is one of the top trainers in the UK & Europe, working with the ISA & different NGBs world wide & has lived and breathed surfing for over 33 years and still loves it, it’s his number one passion in life, surfing, surf coaching and growing & developing the sport. 

Dean is also an ISA presenter & SLSGB NaRs beach life guard trainer and is sponsored by the likes of billabong, Nixon, Dryrobe and other big companies, he is not your everyday trainer. Born and bread in Pebrokeshire, Dean has made a life for himself from surfing and wants to give back to the sport locally & abroad. Now it’s your time so let go! What’s stopping you?

Surfing is a sport where everyone can reach a performance plateau and get stuck at a level, unable to progress. Certain skills cannot be learned through experience alone. Everyone can benefit from additional surf coaching. Our training scheme is not an intense boot camp where you will do exercises all day long. It is practical and specific training where we try to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and find a way to improve both.

Our Advanced Surf Training Program Covers:

Video Analysis and Feedback 

Waterman ship skills

Surfing bigger waves with confidence and safety

Theory sessions to gain understanding of..

Rip currents


Surfing drills


Competitive Strategies

How to gain Sponsorship

Trial heats to improve your knowledge and gain the competitive edge 

The fact that all the established and up and coming world class surfers have constant coaching speaks volumes for its essential benefits to a surfer’s performance. Having a professional coach analyse your style, techniques, and waterman ship skills can have a dramatic effect on your surfing and produce quick results.

Throughout the eight weeks the surfers will be taken through ‘Our Surf Scheme’ which has been designed and developed by Outer Reef Surf Centre though coaching some of the top surfers. There will also be competitions as well as fitness and skill development. This program will also teach you about safety in the ocean and beach environment, this is very important since we are not fish! We have a range of brand new stand up paddle boards that can be used to improve your balance and core strength for surfing. (Weather dependant)

No Waves? no problem since we have access to top of the range surfing related equipment such as rip surfs, indo board, SUPS and more. You can improve loads in and out of the water and we will be here to show you the best simulation methods that are proven to work.

We also have a mini bus to go around to different beach & can be used to take the crew to surf events. We have teamed up with Manorbier YHA and the Speculation Inn to use their facilities for video analysis and work on the hydrodynamics and biomechanics of manoeuvres. 

If this sounds like something you and your friends would be interested in please get in touch

We are offering this summer training scheme for a price of only £95 per person.

The price includes 8 training sessions, and an surf team t-shirt. 

If you are interested in booking this 8 week training program you can simply book on line by clicking on the book here on the top of our website or click on the link below. & pick 5x60 surf club 

We are limiting the numbers so please let us know your thought on this.

Best regards & happy surfing.


The Outer Reef Surf Crew


Dean Gough 
ISA / SLSGB Official Presenter
Ambassadors for The National Trust Billabong, Starboards, DryRobe & Restube 
  01646 680070 / 07769903653