Friday, 22 April 2016

Pembrokeshire Surfing & Sup tours

Want to become an International ISA Certified Surf & SUP Instructor? 

Welcome to Outer Reef, Pembrokeshires Surf & SUP Tours – the pioneer of SUP touring around the Pembrokeshire coast.

We believe that the Pembrokeshire is one of the top places in wales to explore with a Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) and a lot of places to explore, but we narrowed down the choices to the TOP 4 for SUP.   Each destination takes you on different kind of adventure and sights. Going with our tours gives a great opportunity to discover hidden paradises, wild animals, local cultures that are incomparable when you travel by roads. We offer a range of different packages with & with out accommodate. The Outer Reef Pembrokeshire Sup tour guarantees a fuss-free SUP holiday.  Our surf & Sup adventures are suited for locals & travelers of all ages that are looking to do something extraordinary.  

All of our tours are inclusive of paddling lessons from our ISA accredited SUP Instructor and led by tour guides from the local community. SUP is an easy sport to learn, improves your balance and coordination, and contrary to how others view it, it is a very relaxing activity to do.

Let us take you for an experience you will never forget and see Pembrokeshire from a different perspective.