Sunday, 11 January 2015

Advanced Surf Coaching around Europe, UK & Pembrokeshire Wales 2015

Are you looking to step up your performance? Do you want to catch more waves? Do you want to surf better in bigger waves? Would you like to make more speed & send more spray? THEN WE CAN HELP YOU!!! Our Advanced coaching sessions are run by Dean Gough an experienced surfer & surf coach, who is not only an experienced surfers with a background in competitive surfing, but is also one of the top trainers in the UK & Europe. He has 25 years of experience in coaching all levels and abilities, he is also a ISA (International Surfing Association) presenter & SLSGB (Surf Life Saving Great Britain ) NaRs beach life guards trainer. Our Advanced Surf Training Program Covers: Video Analysis and Feedback Waterman ship skills Surfing bigger waves with confidence and safety Small group coaching (3-6 people) Theory sessions to gain understanding of.. rip currents weather surfing drills diet Competitive Strategies How to gain Sponsorship Trial heats to improve your knowledge and gain the competitive edge
Having Dean our surfing coaches analyse your style, techniques, wave selection etc. can have a dramatic effect on your surfing and produce quick results. We can refine your existing surfing skills as well as introducing some up to date surf drills. We also ensure that you get individual coaching within a group environment. Surfing is a sport where you can reach a performance plateau and get stuck at a level, unable to progress. Certain skills can not be learned through experience alone. Everyone can benefit from additional surfing coaching. The fact that all the established and up and coming world class surfers have constant coaching speaks volumes for its essential benefits to a surfer’s performance. Having a professional coach analyse your style, techniques, and waterman ship skills can have a dramatic effect on your surfing and produce quick results.