Monday, 23 November 2015

Gap Year Surf Adventure & ISA, SLSGB Training 2016

Gap Year Surf & Work Experience Adventure 

Outer Reef Surf School are one of the only gap year surf tour providers to offer surf tour packages which include accommodation,surf coaching, ISA surf instructor training, SLSGB lifeguard qualifications & work experience with world-leading surf brands such as Billabong, Nixon, Dryrobe and Restube & Rob Vaughn Surfboards.

Gap Year Surf Camps

Our unique packages provide exposure to world-leading brands in the surfing industry and also provide internationally recognised SLSGB Beach Lifeguard Awards & ISA- Surfing Great Britain surf instructor qualifications

What's included 

  • Improve your surfing
  • Become a surf instructor
  • Qualify as a lifeguard
  • Explore France, Spain Portugal & Morocco 
  • Get industry work experience
  • & Loads more

Welcome To Your Surf Instructor Adventure For Your Gap Year

The ISA (International Surfing Association) & Surfing Great Britain, will endorse your Surf Instructor qualifications. You will gain valuable work experience with huge potential of landing a job within the Surfing  & Lifeguard Industry & Outdoor Activities.

Experience everything that this unique adventure has to offer and participate in exciting optional activities like climbing, surfing, whale & dolphin watching, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking or a relaxing hike.

Outer Reef has teamed up with the top Surf companies all over Europe, where you can learn to surf coach and meet other surfers from all over the world. 

Ride the waves on our ultimate surf adventure! Alternatively, head to the beautiful beaches of France, Spain and Portugal & learn to surf in stunning Algarve...

Enjoy the action on the ocean waves during the day and make the most of the chilled-out surfer's beach lifestyle 

Once you know the spots you can enjoy all the world's best surfing hotspots from the crest of a wave - the view from your surfboard will be hard to meet.