Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Outer Reef Surf School Test Centre for JP Surf Boards

Outer Reef Surf School is the only JP surf board Test Centre in West Wales & Pembrokeshire.
Sometimes it isn't easy to decide between one board and another, so to help you Outer Reef Surf School has team up together with JP Surf Boards to bring to you a selection of boards from each of JP ‘s ranges that you can try out to see how they feel, Surfing is a sport where you can reach a performance plateau and get stuck at a level, unable to progress. Certain skills cannot be learned through experience alone. Everyone can benefit from additional surfing lessons. Having one of our Senior Surfing Instructors analyse your style, techniques, wave selection etc. can have a dramatic effect on your surfing and produce quick results. We can refine your existing surfing skills as well as introduce new ones. There is a deposit required but we can talk about that when you get in touch.
Boards Available to Try... Performance, Quad Fins, Retro, Big Boy, Hybrid, Grom Boards